Filmmaker to present Documentary film exposing government cover-up of 9/11 at CU

For Immediate Release
May 29, 2009

Local Contact:
Fran Shure  303-778-7511
franshure at estreet dot net


Kyle F. Hence, 401-935-7715
kylehence at earthlink dot net

Filmmaker to present Documentary film exposing government cover-up of 9/11 at CU, Boulder, June 4th, 6:30pm – 9:30pm, Room 250, Eaton Humanities (HUMN) building.

The documentary film, 9/11: Press for Truth, revealing government cover-up and deception surrounding the September 11th attacks, and featuring the 9/11 victims’ families, will be screened at University of Colorado at Boulder on Thursday, June 4th. The event is to be held from 6:30pm – 9:30pm in room 250 of the Eaton Humanities (HUMN) building on the CU campus.

Local activist groups Boulder 9/11 Visibility and Colorado 9/11 Visibility and a University of Colorado student group “180-11” are co-sponsoring the screening of the independent film and hosting one of the film’s producers, Kyle F. Hence who will be on hand to answer questions about the 9/11 Commission, his next film project and to discuss the growing global movement for truth and accountability. Hence, a former resident of Boulder is back in town for the June 3rd U.S. broadcast television premiere of 9/11 Press for Truth on KBDI-12, a PBS station in Denver.

Since its release in 2006, Hence, with writer and Executive Producer credits on the film, has been witness to the documentary’s success as an underground across the globe. The film has received near universally excellent critical reviews while being officially selected and screened at international film festivals in Brazil, Mexico and the Czech Republic. Here in the US several hundred home, library and theatrical screenings rallied tens of thousands to support a new investigation, while US satellite networks, Denver-based FreeSpeechTV and LINKTV, beamed the film to hundreds of thousands of households across the country in 2007 and 2008. Overseas, the film has reached millions in France, Spain, Poland, Switerland, Norway, Sweden, Australia and New Zealand and throughout the Middle East via Al-Jazeera. The complete film has also been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times from GoogleVideo. Last year, it peaked as a top 10 documentary on Apple’s iTunes.

On the political front, 9/11 Press for Truth has been central to ongoing national lobbying campaigns to have 9/11 re-investigated.  DownsizeDC, a libertarian group, and a number of liberal organizations including and Progressive Democrats of America have supported the call for nationwide screenings and house parties as part of an effort to compel Congress to re-open inquiries into the unresolved, covered-up or outstanding issues surrounding the attacks.

In 2007, the Accountability project organized by DownsizeDC rallied Americans supportive of a new investigation to sponsor the mailing of a DVD and letter to their representative in Congress.  Downsize DC was joined by a Canadian group that sponsored a DVD mailing to each of the Presidential primary candidates, as well as prominent members of the US Congress. Hence has personally presented a copy of the documentary to Representative Kucinich and Water and to former Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Members of the press interested in interviewing any of those involved with production of the film or any of the above outreach activities are encouraged to contact Kyle F. Hence directly.  While 9/11 family member availability is limited at this time, the producers are pleased to forward any inquiries or requests for interviews.