Denver and Boulder Monthly Meetings: Money and Debt, October 2011

In sympathy with the aims of the hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protests around the world, this month we will diverge from our usual 9/11 Truth focus and explore the subject of the dominant worldwide economic system that has served the 1% rather than the 99%.

Is there a tie-in to 9/11 Truth?  9/11 was used to justify the invasion and occupation of weaker countries.   Those who have subscribed to the economic system in which the dollar reigns supreme have been subjected to another form of invasion and enslavement, even a more effective one than military occupation.  We must understand money and how it can be another “weapon of imperialism.”

With five video segments, we will look at what is wrong with our financial system and how it is destructive to individuals, societies, and the environment. Then we’ll explore some specific solutions, including the Public Bank Movement currently under way in fourteen states. [Read more…]