Remember Building 7 Campaign

The Remember Building 7 Campaign will reach 12 million people in major US cities with TV and print ads–IF we all do our part!  Click on the link at the end of this letter to watch the TV ad.  Then watch the excellent 15-minute video from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth narrated by actor Ed Asner.

When the viewers of the ads go to Remember Building 7, it is these amazing videos that they will also see.

This is a most effective campaign–a good investment toward truth, transparency, and democracy!

See what YOU think!


Dear Fellow Activists,

The Remember Building 7 campaign, led by NYC CAN, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and supported by several other groups, is attempting to raise $1 million between September 1 and September 11, the 10th Anniversary, to reach 10 million New Yorkers and 2 million people in other cities across the US with TV and poster ads that will educate viewers about Building 7.

It is critical that we all support this campaign because if we succeed in raising $1 million we are sure to generate the overnight surge in awareness and media frenzy that will put Building 7 front and center in the public eye and open the floodgates to questioning the entire official story of 9/11.  Short of a high-level whistleblower or some other major piece of evidence emerging, a sudden stimulus like a large-scale advertising campaign is the kind of shock that is needed to create public outcry for a new investigation, just as the release of the Zapruder film did in 1975.  That outcry eventually led to the House Select Committee on Assassinations, which was a cover up.  However, we have reason to be optimistic that a new 9/11 investigation would have to be genuine given the amount of evidence that has already been documented, and the level of public outrage that would be needed to bring about the investigation in the first place would preclude the possibility of a cover up unfolding.

The campaign needs 20,000 people to step forward and make a donation.  We only have the numbers if you take that step forward and give what you can.  With a generous donation of $50, you can pay for 5,000 impressions – that means, for 500 people to see the ads an average of 10 times each.  If you have money to give, there really isn’t a more effective to way use it.

Please watch the TV ad and make your 10th Anniversary donation at

Thank you,

Ted Walter