Calling on Colorado Democrats: Go to Your Precinct Caucus to Present This Resolution! March 6, 2012


Colorado is the only state that has the distinction of having a plank on its Democratic Platform calling for a new, independent 9/11 investigation! If there is not a concerted effort to present resolutions at our caucuses and then to our county assemblies, this plank may be removed, and we definitely want to keep it there!  (Yes, there may be an effort by some Democrats to remove it.)

Here is what you can do to help:
Go to your precinct caucus to get the resolution passed there. If enough precinct caucuses pass the resolution, it should automatically be added to your county assembly platform, but find out to be sure!

The county platforms go to the Colorado Democratic Party Platform Committee, which then decides which resolutions will be adopted as planks for our state platform, and these will be published as the 2012 Colorado Democratic Platform.

Resolutions for you to take to your caucus: There are three versions–a very short, a short, and a long version.

Take several copies of the very short version and/or the short version for your caucus attendees–probably a dozen will be enough. (Or, you may create your own short version from our long version if you prefer–no more than one page!)  Take at least one copy of the long version for your own reference as you speak about the resolution. You could take a second copy of the long one to share.

Scroll down to see “short videos to show.” If there is time and interest, if you have a laptop, and if there is wifi at your precinct venue, these can  be very convincing. Usually, there is very little discussion allowed, so be brief and respectful in your presentation.

See this as an educational opportunity:

The least we can do is inform our fellow caucus attendees that we need to know the truth about what happened on 9/11. The long version of the resolution will help you to present with confidence, so read that beforehand.

Let your caucus attendees know:
This is a difficult issue to face, but if we do not find out what really happened on 9/11, it will be even more difficult for us all in the future–more “war on terrorism,” more false-flag operations, more loss of liberties. Is that what we want?

If some of the attendees are not comfortable voting in favor, suggest they go to these websites later to do more research:,,


Colorado Democratic Party Calendar

Tuesday, March 6, 7:00 PM:  Colorado precinct caucuses–for locations call your county chair

Saturday, March 31: County conventions and assemblies–call your county chair for more information

Saturday, April 14: State convention and assembly–in Pueblo


Resolutions to print

Very Short Resolution: Print pdf for your caucus and county assembly

Short Resolution: Print pdf for your caucus and county assembly

Long Resolution: Print pdf for your reference


Short videos to show with your laptop, if there is wifi at your precinct venue

1) Eyes Wide Shut: Gross Negligence with NIST Denial of Molten Metal on 9/11 – (2:16 min): If you show this one, be sure to explain that jet fuel (maximum temperatures a jet fuel fire can reach is 1,800 F in ideal conditions) or office fires cannot get anywhere near hot enough to melt steel. In fact, 2,800 F is necessary to melt steel.

2) Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7 – (15 min): If you just show the first 5 minutes, that would be sufficient, but all of this one would be great if there is time.  It is narrated by Ed Asner.


Other suggestions

The 2012 Caucus Center: This is a comprehensive resource offered by the Democratic Party of Denver which is quite helpful For general information

Call your County Democratic Party chair to find out the process for your caucus and assembly. Especially, ask about the steps to get a resolution on your county’s platform. This may be different for each county.

Volunteer to be a precinct caucus chair.

Even if you are not elected as a delegate or cannot go to the county convention and assembly, see if you can get the resolution passed at your caucus.

Important! At your caucus become a delegate for both your county convention and assembly. The convention, at which delegates vote for the presidential candidate, will likely be very short since President Obama is uncontested.

Your county assembly will follow right after the convention.  It is here that a county platform may be adopted. If the 9/11 resolution is not already on this platform, then you will probably need to present a  petition to your assembly members and get the required number of signatures to be able to present this resolution at your assembly. But call your county chair to be sure about this process.

Remember, at the very least this is a perfect opportunity to educate a few folks!