Breaking News! 2012 Colorado Democratic Platform Retains Call for 9/11 Investigation

Colorado remains the only state with a plank on the Democratic Party Platform calling for a truly independent investigation into 9/11.

The entire 2012 Colorado Democratic Party Platform, is found at  CDP 2012 Platform Final Proposal – 2012 04 14.  On page 24 you will find the wording below for this year’s call for a truly independent investigation.


Trust in our government and our democracy has been severely eroded in this new century as falsehoods have been spread to start unwarranted wars, torture has been condoned or ferreted away to foreign shores, the privacy of our own citizens has been invaded, and facts have been ignored or concealed regarding government involvement in and response to national crises. To restore transparency and confidence in our institutions and to honor the American ideal that “no one is above the law,” we call for:

37. A truly independent Grand Jury and public investigation, with subpoena power and the power to grant immunity, into anomalies ignored by the 9/11 Commission.

38. An independent investigation, with subpoena power and the power to grant immunity, into the source of orders that resulted in torture, torture sites, rendition, illegal detention of nationals and immigrants, and related issues.

39. Reviews of the investigations into the illegal invasion of Iraq, Abramoff and other lobbyists, the response to Hurricane Katrina, Wall Street contribution to our recent economic collapse and other major issues.